About Us

Dan and Donnamarie Sloan, principals of Sloan & Sloan Architecture and Interior Design, met as undergraduates at the University of Florida while  they were studying design at the College of Architecture.

Dan with his passion for structure and the construction of the built environment and Donna with her sense of scale and proportion in architecture, along with her uncommon space planning abilities, found that they were perfect compliments to each other, and it was not long before they recognized that together they created the perfect team!

They graduated in 1983, each with Bachelor of Design Degrees from the College of Architecture, and started their careers in South Florida where they were married in 1985.

Dan and Donnamarie have worked on projects together for over a quarter of a century. Their studio at Sloan Hammock is where you might find them bouncing ideas off of one another, brainstorming, or tweaking a particular project into perfection with their comprehensive approach!

It is not uncommon to find either of them assuming the managing role on a particular project while the other assists. However, the end product of any given project will always be a collaborative effort between them both.

Dan and Donna each have Bachelor of Design degrees from the University of Florida College of Architecture and Master in Architectural Studies degrees from the University of Florida Graduate School. In addition, Dan has a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Miami Graduate School. Together they hold State Licenses in Architecture, Interior Design, General Contracting, and Real Estate. They are current members of AIA, ASID, FGBC, & USGBC.